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KLA Strut Brace Installation - 924S, 944, 968
Last Updated: 05/18/2015


1) Remove 4 nuts holding strut assembly to the body.

2) Place bracket over studs with bracket upright toward front of car.

3) Replace washers and nuts.  Tighten to 18 ft-lbs. using an X pattern.
4) Repeat for other side of car.
5) The rod ends are a right and left-hand thread.  Included are matching jam nuts.   Install the jam nuts on the rod ends.
6) Screw rod ends into bar.  The left-hand rod end goes in the end of the bar with knurl by the end.   Install bar on passenger side bracket and tighten.  Hardware order is-bolt/bar/bracket/nut.  Install the bar on the front side of the bracket for turbo's.  Install to the rear of the bracket for N/A's.
7) Repeat for driver's side.  For turbo's, the bar will slightly press in on the master cylinder heat shield.  This is normal.
8) Turn bar toward front of car to take up "slack".  Tighten backing nuts.
9) Disclaimer time.  Shut the hood gently to test clearances. 

All cars are different and the strut brace may fit differently on your car.  This is not a problem with 99.9% of the cars.  But, KLA Industries will not be responsible for any damage.  If you do have a fitment problem, please email or call so we can help determine where the problem is and help you solve it (digital pics in email are very helpful in these situations).  If we can't get things just right to your satisfaction, we will let you return the strut brace for a refund.

10) You're done!

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