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Oil Pressure Sending Unit Replacement
Last Updated: 07/18/2013
 Oil Sender Unit for 928/944/968/964/993

The oil pressure sending unit is located just under the oil filter,
underneath the car in the front area on the passenger side. 

  1. Jack car up on lift or place on jack stands.
  2. Undo the 10mm bolts and other screws and remove the belly pans from under the car.
  3. Disconnect the two wire leads that go to the pressure sending unit. Make sure you remember which lead goes where in case they are the same (color wise, or physically identical).
  4. Have the new unit ready.
  5. Undo the old unit with the 24mm open ended wrench (watch your knuckles, not much space in there).
  6. Remove the old unit, catching some of the oil that drips out with some rags or something.
  7. Insert the new unit immediately, and screw it in by hand until tight.
  8. Tighten the new unit using the "cut-short" 24mm wrench. The short wrench will allow more swing in that tight space. This is a bit difficult since there is not much room, so good luck.
  9. Reconnect wires, making sure you put them back corretly. If they are cross-wired, the oil pressure will be pegged high and the low-oil pressure warning light will flicker at idle.
  10. Re-install the belly pans.

Application:    924/944/968 all

Tools:    24mm metric wrench, 24mm metric wrench, cut short to about 4 inches, 10mm socket wrench, Screwdriver (phillips and/or straight)

Credits:    Nabi Rafie

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