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Rear Wheel Bearing Diagnosis
Last Updated: 08/15/2013

Diagnosis:    Name that tune... 'wuh wuh wuh wuh', as you go around a corner?  Rhythmic rubbing sounds from the rear of the car, especially during cornering, is usually the wheel bearing.  Just like every other friction device, they eventually wear out.

Inspection:    Well, this is a hard one... you can't really see them, and, sometimes you can't even feel the play.  Might as well lift the car and try to wiggle the wheel.  Rear wheel bearings are non-adjustable, so, any play means they are worn.  Most folks can hear the signs of bad bearing well before it is physically evident.

What to do:    If you have a 924 or early 944 (83-85.1 Steel Trailing Arms) breathe a sigh of relief... they are easily replaceable.  For those of you with the later models (85.5-95 Aluminum Trailing Arms), good luck!

Various procedures for bearing replacement are listed in this category...

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