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Window Regulator Replacement
Last Updated: 12/10/2013

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips and common screw driver
  • 10 mm combination wrench
  • 10 mm socket and 3/8 inch drive ratchet
  • ¼ inch drive ratchet with ¼ inch socket
  • Phillips “bit” from multi-tip screw driver that fits ¼ inch socket
  • Set of metric Allen Wrenches

FYI: The old regulator has been superceded by an “improved part.” The only real difference is that the rollers are of a different design from the original regulator and require a bit of finessing to reinstall in the window channels. Just be forewarned.

Find the Window Regulator for the 944/968 Right Here.


  1. Remove the door panel, remove inside door handle, and remove plastic cover completely. (I found it easier to gain access.)
  2. Raise the window all the way and secure it in that position. ( I used ¾ inch thick foam rubber wedged between the window and inner door skin.) There are other methods, but this worked great for me.
  3. Remove the electrical plug from the regulator motor. (It pulls straight out and has no latch, but is tight and requires careful prying with a screwdriver).
  4. Remove (2) 10 mm bolts and (1) phillips screw holding the motor to the regulator assembly. There in not enough room for a stubby screw driver, so I used a ¼ inch drive ratchet, ¼ inch socket and phillips “bit” from my Snap-On tools ratchet screw driver to remove the phillips screw from the motor. It made life easier.
  5. Remove the (2) 10 mm bolts holding the single channel on the inside of the door skin and remove from the door.
  6. While steadying the regulator, remove the (5) bolts holding it to the inner door skin.
  7. Tilt regulator assembly “in” and remove the motor from the assembly.
  8. Once the motor is removed, slide the regulator forward to disconnect the rear roller from the rear channel on the bottom of the window. Then slide it back to disconnect the front roller from the front channel.
  9. Once free, the regulator may be removed through the bottom opening:
    1. Push the regulator forward
    2. Fold the legs and pull them rearward out of the opening. The large gear assembly of the regulator will follow through the hole with some “persuasion.” Nothing to worry about.
  10. Installation is the reverse of removal. But, I found the following steps ensure a stress-free and happy ending. Be sure the new regulator mechanism is well greased.
    1. The two "legs" which have outward-facing rollers go into the two channels at the bottom of the window, and the "leg" with the inward-facing roller goes into the horizontal channel on the inside of the door skin.
    2. I found it easiest to place the regulator against the door skin, line up the (5) holes and attach it loosely to the door with three bolts. With the window in the full up position, I took this time to adjust the regulator limiter for upper travel. To do this you loosen the allen head bolt holding the limiter, “eyeball” the rear roller with the rear window channel, line them up, slide the limiter into position and tighten the bolt. This extra step that will save considerable frustration later. (Trust me on this one!)
    3. I then removed the bolts and engaged the roller with the front window channel first, then the rear roller with the rear window channel. Then I placed the regulator against the door skin, lined up the holes and installed the upper most bolt just enough to hold the regulator in place.
    4. This leaves you enough room to slide the motor back on to the regulator assembly. Once the gear on the motor is engaged properly with the gear on the regulator, the whole unit can be pushed full against the inner door skin the remaining bolts installed and finger tightened.
    5. Install the bolts and screw holding the motor to the regulator and tighten. Tighten the (5) bolts holding the regulator to the door.
    6. Now slide the horizontal channel that bolts on the inside of the door skin onto the inward-facing roller. Install the two bolts finger tight.
    7. Reconnect the motor wiring. Test operation by slowly lowering the window, stopping occasionally to make sure there is no binding or stress on the window. Lower to a position where the top of the window is just below the rubber on the outer door skin. Adjust the lower limiter on the regulator assembly the same as the upper. Roll up window to full closed position and re-check the upper limiter position. Tighten horizontal channel bolts.
    8. Re-stick the plastic, re-install the inside door handle, door panel, door pull and pocket. That’s it.

Credits: Alex Thompson

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