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Koni Strut Conversion - 8641-1414S for late 944, 968
Author: Skip Koni sealed strut insert conversion (8641-1414S) Description Image Parts : Koni 8641-1414S Sport Struts - all conversion and instructions parts included.
Koni Strut Conversion - 8641-1414S
Koni Strut Conversion - 8641-1414S This procedure applies to the following Porsche models: 1987-89 944 1987-88 944S 1989-91 944S2 1986-88 944 Turbo 1992-95 968
Adjustable Ride Height Kit - Paragon
  Items Included: 2x - Upper Spring Perch 2x - Koni Competition Bump Rubber 2x - Suspension Spring 2x - Aluminum Threaded Collar 2x - Lower Spring Perch 2x - O-ring
Ask Dr. Koni
Author: Skip   Question: What's the difference between the red Koni and the Sport Yellow Koni? Answer: The valving is different. Sport Yellow units have stiffer valving than their St