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KLA Boxster Top Fix
Author: Skip Boxster Lift Rod End Replacement Instructions: Raise the tonneau cover to an upright position.     This will be just before the top starts to pull back.
Adjustable Ride Height Kit - Paragon
  Items Included: 2x - Upper Spring Perch 2x - Koni Competition Bump Rubber 2x - Suspension Spring 2x - Aluminum Threaded Collar 2x - Lower Spring Perch 2x - O-ring
Clutch Replacement - Part One
Author: Skip The following account explains in detail the procedure of changing a clutch in a 944/951. It also contains a list of tools, chemicals, parts and the sources where to find them. The
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - late 944, 968
  Discussion :   This procedure will describe the removal and subsequent installation of rear wheel bearings on a Porsche 944  with aluminum trailing arms (1985.5 & later)
Rod Bearing Replacement
  Discussion: This procedure will detail the steps necessary to replace the Rod Bearings on a 944 Turbo car.   With some modifications it may also be applied to normally aspirated 944
Shift Lever Rebuild
  This is an alternate procedure  This article is an alternate procedure for overhauling the shift lever.  Normally, replacement of parts with new would be ideal.  The parts ne
Torsion Bar Replacement
Information for what Torsion Bars to Use Please Click Here .  Be warned that torsion bar replacement for a 944 is not a job for the faint of heart. In fact even experienced  specialists wil
Heater Clip
  Got Heat?   Hot air blowing out the vents no matter what you do? even with the AC on full blast?  This could be the infamous "heater clip failure".  The good news:  it's
Window Regulator Replacement
Tools Needed: Phillips and common screw driver 10 mm combination wrench 10 mm socket and 3/8 inch drive ratchet ¼ inch drive ratchet with ¼ inch socket Phillips “bit” from multi-
5 - Introduction to the Racing Line
This month, we analyse the best way to go through a corner. "Best" means in the least time, at the greatest average speed. We ask "what is the shape of the driving line through the corner that gives
7 - The Traction Budget
This month, we introduce the traction budget. This is a way of thinking about the traction available for car control under various conditions. It can help you make decisions about driving style, t
K&N Air Filter Care K&N Air Filter Care
Author: Skip You Can Feel the Power in the Air! 1. PRE-CLEANING Tap the element to dislodge any lodge embedded dirt, then gently brush with a soft bristle brush. (Note: If
You know you're a racer when...
YOU KNOW YOU’RE A RACER WHEN: -You think the primary purpose of wings is to PREVENT flight. -You take your helmet along when you go buy new eyeglasses or check out cars (seats). -You feel
2 - Keeping Your Tyres Stuck to the Ground
  In last month's article, we explained the physics behind weight transfer. That is, we explained why braking shifts weight to the front of the car, accelerating shifts weight to the rear, an