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Control Arm, Front - Info
Author: Skip 924 mid 82 and older - stamped steel - VW/Audi part# 477.407.153F (left & right) 924 mid 82 and later, 924S, 944 83-85.1 - stamped steel - VW/Audi part# 171.407.153D &nbs
Sway Bars - Info
  For information on 944 Sway Bars and Parts for Sway Bars Click Here . Hi folks - just a friendly reminder that these cars are getting a little old, and previous owners do crazy things... somet
Transaxle Fluid - Info
  The Basics: Friction Modifier (FM) is slippery stuff. The FM is in place to reduce LSD clutch chatter upon engagement. The amount needed is relative to the application and the age of
Clutch Replacement - Part One
Author: Skip The following account explains in detail the procedure of changing a clutch in a 944/951. It also contains a list of tools, chemicals, parts and the sources where to find them. The
Control Arm Bushing Upgrade - Weltmeister
Author: Skip Weltmeister has produced several aftermarket solutions to Porsche suspensions for many years.  This bushing kit is a replacement for the original equipment rubb
Motive Power Bleeder
Author: Skip The Motive Products POWER BLEEDER TM works just like professional pressure bleeders -- at a fraction of the cost.  With a POWER BLEEDER TM , one person can easily, safely, and
Sway Bar Calculations
Author: Skip Provided by KLA Industries to answer the question of how the drop-link length affects the rate of a sway bar. Here is the angle of the dangle formulas for calculating the ch
Ask Dr. Koni
Author: Skip   Question: What's the difference between the red Koni and the Sport Yellow Koni? Answer: The valving is different. Sport Yellow units have stiffer valving than their St
K&N Air Filter Facts
Author: Skip Why K&N Makes The World's Best Air Filters Facts You Should Know About Air Filters Paper vs K&N Stock Replacement Filters Washable and Reusable Beyo
What is How can I help?
Hello, and welcome to the Paragon Products Tech-Session. This site is here for you. The enthusiast, the hobbyist, the Porsche owner! We're small now, but growing quickly. Paragon friends and customers
Engine Production
Author: Skip Engine : (USA values - to locate the "code", look for another Tech-Session article regarding Engine Identification ) 944 - 8 Valve, Normally Aspirated MY Co
Motor Mount Replacement
Author: Skip Motor Mount Choices for the 944. Diagnosis: Motor mounts are designed to absorb vibration from the 944's water-cooled engine.  Here are some warning signs that yours may
Oil Cooling, Auxiliary
Torsion Bar Replacement
Information for what Torsion Bars to Use Please Click Here .  Be warned that torsion bar replacement for a 944 is not a job for the faint of heart. In fact even experienced  specialists wil
Transaxle Fluid Change
  Easier than an oil change!   The Factory Service Manual recommends this action every 36,000 miles or 3 years and suggests you use "hypoid transmission oil SAE 75W90 to API Class G
Engine Identification
Author: Skip Ever wonder which engine you REALLY have in your Porsche?  On the 924S/944/968 series cars you can find the engine designator stamped on the block. MY 83-87 - The engine nu
2 - Keeping Your Tyres Stuck to the Ground
  In last month's article, we explained the physics behind weight transfer. That is, we explained why braking shifts weight to the front of the car, accelerating shifts weight to the rear, an
4 - There Is No Such Thing as Centrifugal Force
One often hears of "centrifugal force." This is the apparent force that throws you to the outside of a turn during cornering. If there is anything loose in the car, it will immediately slide to the r
Tarett Engineering Rear Sway Bar Installation Instructions
REAR SWAY BAR ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1) Tarett Engineering rear sway bars are designed to mount directly to the factory mounting brackets on 1965-89 911’s, 912’s & 930’s. Any cars without factory m
Brey Krause Deep Sump Oil Pan Spacer Kit for Porsche 996, Boxster, Boxster S
Please follow our link for more information and purchasing the R-9095 Deep Sump Oil Pan Spacer Kit