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Porsche Reference Material
Author: Skip Click the "buy now" links to visit the Paragon Bookstore   Parts and Tech Ref Catalogs: Genuine Porsche Parts Catalog CD buy now
Front Shock Replacement
Author: Skip The 911, 914 and some 944’s featured a rebuildable front McPherson Strut. Instead of having to replace the entire strut unit, you will be able to merely replace the strut insert tha
Adjustable Ride Height Kit - Paragon
  Items Included: 2x - Upper Spring Perch 2x - Koni Competition Bump Rubber 2x - Suspension Spring 2x - Aluminum Threaded Collar 2x - Lower Spring Perch 2x - O-ring
Clutch Replacement - Part One
Author: Skip The following account explains in detail the procedure of changing a clutch in a 944/951. It also contains a list of tools, chemicals, parts and the sources where to find them. The
Clutch Replacement - Part Two
Author: Skip TRANSMISSION: Remove shift boot lever (retaining clip at top )(Be careful of plastic cosmetic items, remove ashtray, two screws, lift center piece slightly & push out lea
Control Arm Bushing Upgrade - Weltmeister
Author: Skip Weltmeister has produced several aftermarket solutions to Porsche suspensions for many years.  This bushing kit is a replacement for the original equipment rubb
K&N Air Filter Facts
Author: Skip Why K&N Makes The World's Best Air Filters Facts You Should Know About Air Filters Paper vs K&N Stock Replacement Filters Washable and Reusable Beyo
What is How can I help?
Hello, and welcome to the Paragon Products Tech-Session. This site is here for you. The enthusiast, the hobbyist, the Porsche owner! We're small now, but growing quickly. Paragon friends and customers
Rear Spring Rates vs. Effective Rates
An effective spring rate is the value when taking into consideration the placement, construction, and type of the sprung materials. Torsion bar diameter is expressed as the effective diameter.&nbs
Rod Bearing Replacement
  Discussion: This procedure will detail the steps necessary to replace the Rod Bearings on a 944 Turbo car.   With some modifications it may also be applied to normally aspirated 944
Shift Lever Rebuild
  This is an alternate procedure  This article is an alternate procedure for overhauling the shift lever.  Normally, replacement of parts with new would be ideal.  The parts ne
Transaxle Fluid Change
  Easier than an oil change!   The Factory Service Manual recommends this action every 36,000 miles or 3 years and suggests you use "hypoid transmission oil SAE 75W90 to API Class G
Transaxle Replacement
Removal :      You will need to place the car up on jack stands at least 20”. Make sure that it is secure! Remove the rear wheels and the axles. If you have never had the axles
Front Shock Replacement (65-89)
Author: Skip  The 911, 914 and some 944’s featured a rebuildable front McPherson Strut. Instead of having to replace the entire strut unit, you will be able to merely replace the strut insert th
Pagid Brake Pads - FAQ
Author: Skip Brake Pad FAQ Question: What's with the different compounds? What is the application of each? PAGID RS packaging RS 7: Black (Discontiu
PBR-Brake Pads - Metal Master vs. Ultimate
Author: Skip Ultimate is a high performance brake pad and offers the highest level of braking performance in terms of reduced stopping distances, excellent pedal feel and resista
You know you're a racer when...
YOU KNOW YOU’RE A RACER WHEN: -You think the primary purpose of wings is to PREVENT flight. -You take your helmet along when you go buy new eyeglasses or check out cars (seats). -You feel
PAGID race pad mounting and bedding in
Author: Pagid PAGID race pad mounting and bedding in MOUNTING NEW PADS ON USED DISCS (rotors) We do not recommend using discs, which are pre
characteristics: PAGID RACING - Motorsport and High Performance Brake Pads