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Rear Ride Height Adjustment
Porsche 924/944/968 rear ride height can be lowered (in most cases) by approximately ¾" using the following procedure. This adjustment was originally designed for factory ride height settings across
Rear Spring Rates vs. Effective Rates
An effective spring rate is the value when taking into consideration the placement, construction, and type of the sprung materials. Torsion bar diameter is expressed as the effective diameter.&nbs
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - 924, early 944
 Parts needed: Rear Wheel Bearing Kit Stub Axel Nut/Rear Wheel Bearing Nut Moly Grease Procedure: Lift rear or entire vehicle SAFELY! Release handbrake Remove the rear wheels. Rem
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - late 944, 968
  Discussion :   This procedure will describe the removal and subsequent installation of rear wheel bearings on a Porsche 944  with aluminum trailing arms (1985.5 & later)
Rear Sway Bar Installation
This procedure is specifically for the installation of a 968 M030 Sway Bar but also applies to any 924/944/968 factory sway bar. The best (easiest) way to remove or install the sway bar is with
Rear Wheel Bearing Diagnosis
  Diagnosis :    Name that tune... ' wuh wuh wuh wuh ', as you go around a corner?  Rhythmic rubbing sounds from the rear of the car, especially during cornering, is usual
Tarett Engineering Rear Sway Bar Installation Instructions
REAR SWAY BAR ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1) Tarett Engineering rear sway bars are designed to mount directly to the factory mounting brackets on 1965-89 911’s, 912’s & 930’s. Any cars without factory m
A-arm bushing modification (65-68 911/912)
Author: Skip  Discussion: During various parts of my '66 912 restoration/rebuild/upgrade project, I've come up against the curse of old car restorers-parts! Yes, I know, Porsches are actually on
Front Torsion Bars (65-89)
Author: Skip Jack up the car and remove the front wheels. Remove the tow hooks that secure the front of the A-arm and torsion bars if your car is so equipped. Use the 17mm socket on two bolts an
Gate Shift Installation
Author: Skip The following is a brief overview of the installation process for 901/915 transaxles. 901 users must obtain a 915 shift housing. Complete instructions are included with
KLA Strut Brace Installation - 911
Author: Skip Installation : Remove front strut bolt and rear inner strut bolt. Place bracket, long leg of bracket toward front of car, over holes and replace bolts. Tighten to about
Window Express Kit Installation
Window Express Kit Installation Instructions. Author: Skip Find the Window Express Right Here. Introduction Most modern
What is the Largest Wheel and Tire Combination I can get under my stock 914 fenders?
Author: Skip One of the most commonly asked questions is, “ How much tire can I get under these fenders?” Well the 914 is not the most exact car ever built, and wheel well space varies a lot from
Accusump Installation
Author: Skip I know of few topics that elicit such dismissive and strongly held opinions as that of how to eliminate the cause of #2 rod bearing failure in 944 engines. Some builders claim that
Alternator Replacement
Author: Skip The alternator is located in the driver's side engine compartment, under the air-flow meter (AFM), in front of the Turbo unit, and on top of the A/C compressor looking down into
Brakes, front - 924S, 944, 944S
Author: Skip Parts: Rotors -  Sebro Slotted ( OE Zimmerman or , gas-slotted and cross-drilled also available) Pads - ( 944.351.951.02 E Pagid or Jurid , Mintex and KFP Magnum also av
Brey-Krause Strut Brace Installation - 944
Author: Skip Installation : Open hood to gain access to the strut bearing mounting nuts. There are (4) 13mm. strut bearing mounting nuts per side. Remove the (2) front and (1) inner
Clutch Replacement - Part One
Author: Skip The following account explains in detail the procedure of changing a clutch in a 944/951. It also contains a list of tools, chemicals, parts and the sources where to find them. The
Clutch Replacement - Part Two
Author: Skip TRANSMISSION: Remove shift boot lever (retaining clip at top )(Be careful of plastic cosmetic items, remove ashtray, two screws, lift center piece slightly & push out lea
Clutch Slave Bleeder Valve Remote
Author: Skip A couple of years ago, while running at NHIS, I had some difficulty getting good, clean downshifts into second gear without double clutching. While some would attribute this to poo