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Rear Spring Rates vs. Effective Rates
An effective spring rate is the value when taking into consideration the placement, construction, and type of the sprung materials. Torsion bar diameter is expressed as the effective diameter.&nbs
PBR-Brake Pads - Metal Master vs. Ultimate
Author: Skip Ultimate is a high performance brake pad and offers the highest level of braking performance in terms of reduced stopping distances, excellent pedal feel and resista
Sway Bar Calculations
Author: Skip Provided by KLA Industries to answer the question of how the drop-link length affects the rate of a sway bar. Here is the angle of the dangle formulas for calculating the ch
Transaxle Fluid - Info
  The Basics: Friction Modifier (FM) is slippery stuff. The FM is in place to reduce LSD clutch chatter upon engagement. The amount needed is relative to the application and the age of
Transaxle Replacement
Removal :      You will need to place the car up on jack stands at least 20”. Make sure that it is secure! Remove the rear wheels and the axles. If you have never had the axles
Pagid Brake Pads - FAQ
Author: Skip Brake Pad FAQ Question: What's with the different compounds? What is the application of each? PAGID RS packaging RS 7: Black (Discontiu