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Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - 924, early 944
Last Updated: 08/13/2013
 Parts needed:

Moly Grease


  1. Lift rear or entire vehicle SAFELY!
  2. Release handbrake
  3. Remove the rear wheels.
  4. Remove the rear brake calipers.
  5. Remove the brake drum/disk.
  6. Remove the cotter pin and use an air driven impact wrench to remove the stub axel nut (castle type). This nut is torqued to about 350 ft/lbs and requires a 36mm socket.
  7. Remove the hub.  You may have to give this a whack with a mallet.
  8. Use a (8mm?)12 point "Cheese head" Allen wrench to remove the CV joint bolts.
  9. Move the axel/CV joint out of the way.  Support the CV joint with nylon tie wraps, twine, what ever.
  10. Remove the rear dust shield.
  11. Remove the outer bearing cap.
  12. Pull the stub axel out of the trailing arm.  You may need to use a gear puller, or drift it out using a hammer and a section of 2"x4" lumber.  A soft faced mallet will also work.
  13. Use a screw driver to carefully pry out the inner and outer bearing seals.
  14. Use snap ring pliers to remove the inner bearing snap ring.
  15. Use a drift punch, or a small piece of wood (Maple is excellent) to drive out the bearings.
  16. Remove ALL of the grease from the bearing box  and repack with fresh grease.
  17. Pack and install the bearings (Don't forget the inner bearing snap ring!).  You will have to use a hammer and drift to seat the bearings.
  18. Install new seals and reinstall the bearing caps and dust shields.
  19. Install the stub axel.
  20. Install the hub and the stub axel nut.  Torque to about 350 ft/lbs.
  21. Install a new cotter pin.
  22. Install the drum/disk.
  23. Install the calipers, brake  pads, and then bleed the brakes.
  24. Reinstall the rear wheels, lower the car, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Torque:  (ft lbs) Castle Nut = 280 + 52, Brake backplate to Trailing arm = 43, Brake caliper to backplate = 63, CV bolts = 31, Lug nuts = 96

Application:  924, 924S, 944 (83-85.1)

Credits:  Cliff Hipsher

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