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PBR-Brake Pads - Metal Master vs. Ultimate
Last Updated: 11/19/2010
Author: Skip

Ultimate is a high performance brake pad and offers the highest level of braking performance in terms of reduced stopping distances, excellent pedal feel and resistance to high temperature fade. Developed originally for use as Original Equipment (O.E.) on high performance vehicles, Ultimate is ideal for driving at freeway speeds and hard braking. Pre-conditioned during manufacture so there is no bedding-in required, Ultimate is recommended for sports, performance and prestige vehicles. At freeway speeds and beyond, Ultimate is unmatched for sheer stopping power. Ultimate should be fitted front and rear to maintain balanced driving between all four wheels.

Recommended Driving Use Suggested Driving Style
  • Freeway
  • Competition
  • High Speed Touring
  • Energetic
  • Hard Braking

Technical Specification:
Material Reference Application Composition Friction Classification Maximum Continuous Working Temperature
Degrees Celsius
BMULT Passenger car high performance brake applications. Asbestos free low metal, ideal for high performance vehicles. Has excellent high temperature wear and fade resistance, exceptional cold performance FF 550 degrees Celsius

Source:  Axxis Brakes - The FMP Group, Pty. Ltd. and Bendix Mintex, Pty. Ltd

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