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Front Shock Replacement
Author: Skip The 911, 914 and some 944s featured a rebuildable front McPherson Strut. Instead of having to replace the entire strut unit, you will be able to merely replace the strut insert tha
Front Torsion Bars
Author: Skip Jack up the car and remove the front wheels. Remove the tow hooks that secure the front of the A-arm and torsion bars if your car is so equipped. Use the 17mm socket on two bolts an
Porsche Chronology
Some model history that may help with shopping our site  Model  Year  Engine  Note  356  55-65      911  
RennShift 901 and 915 Installation Instructions (911 and 914 cars)
Seat Back Brace Installation Instructions
Seat Back Brace Installation Instructions To Order the I/O Port Seat Back Brace SBB-15 Click Here . Determine where on the seat back the mount needs to be to have the 1 tubing within 20 from hori
What is the Largest Wheel and Tire Combination I can get under my stock 914 fenders?
Author: Skip One of the most commonly asked questions is, How much tire can I get under these fenders? Well the 914 is not the most exact car ever built, and wheel well space varies a lot from
Window Express Kit Installation
Window Express Kit Installation Instructions. Author: Skip Find the Window Express Right Here. Introduction Most modern