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Front Torsion Bars
Last Updated: 11/15/2010
Author: Skip

Jack up the car and remove the front wheels.  Remove the tow hooks that secure the front of the A-arm and torsion bars if your car is so equipped.  Use the 17mm socket on two bolts and the wrench on the center one.  Remove the 19mm bolt that secures the rear of the A-arm.  Remove the gravel guard and sway bar if your car is equipped with an underbody sway bar.  Remove the height-adjusting bolt with the 11mm socket.  Pry off the torsion bar dust/adjusting cap and remove the spongy washer.  The torsion bar should slide out.  You may need to lower the rear part of the A Arm in order for the bar to clear the body when it is being removed. If the bar won’t budge, drill a hole in the dust cap on the front of the A Arm and use a punch to drive the bar out.  Liberal soakings with Aerokroil will help loosen the bar and allow for removal.  The new bars slip right into position.  Before sliding them in, apply a liberal coat of wheel bearing grease to prevent corrosion. Be careful not to scratch the bar when reinstalling. Reverse the process to complete the job. Note that many aftermarket bars are labeled with an “L” or “R”. Although initial installation can be done in any way, it’s a good idea to place the “L” bar on the driver side and the “R” bar on the passenger side. Once a torsion bar has “worked” in a certain direction, it should always be placed in that same orientation.

Application:    911 65-73, 911 74-89, 914 all

Tools:    19mm socket (heat exchanger size), 17mm socket, 13mm socket, 11mm socket, 17mm wrench, 8mm hex, flat head screwdriver

Credits:    Jason Burkett

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