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Gate Shift Installation
Author: Skip The following is a brief overview of the installation process for 901/915 transaxles. 901 users must obtain a 915 shift housing. Complete instructions are included with
Window Express Kit Installation
Window Express Kit Installation Instructions. Author: Skip Find the Window Express Right Here. Introduction Most modern
Motive Power Bleeder
Author: Skip The Motive Products POWER BLEEDER TM works just like professional pressure bleeders -- at a fraction of the cost.  With a POWER BLEEDER TM , one person can easily, safely, and
Porsche Option Codes
Author: Skip Code Description 009 3 speed sportomatic transmission 018 Sport steering wheel with elevated hub 020 Speedometer with 2 scales KP
Portable air tank tips
Author: Skip Go ahead and laugh, but if this helps just one person... Many of us have the small portable air tanks for various tasks, most for quick racing tire pressure changes.  Frust
K&N Air Filter Facts
Author: Skip Why K&N Makes The World's Best Air Filters Facts You Should Know About Air Filters Paper vs K&N Stock Replacement Filters Washable and Reusable Beyo
Koni Adjustment Procedures
Author: Skip   Koni Adjustment Procedures 3011/3012 28 Series Sport (yellow)      3011/3012 NOTE: Do not place shock absorber in a vice (exc
What is How can I help?
Hello, and welcome to the Paragon Products Tech-Session. This site is here for you. The enthusiast, the hobbyist, the Porsche owner! We're small now, but growing quickly. Paragon friends and customers
Rear Ride Height Adjustment
Porsche 924/944/968 rear ride height can be lowered (in most cases) by approximately ¾" using the following procedure. This adjustment was originally designed for factory ride height settings across
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - 924, early 944
 Parts needed: Rear Wheel Bearing Kit Stub Axel Nut/Rear Wheel Bearing Nut Moly Grease Procedure: Lift rear or entire vehicle SAFELY! Release handbrake Remove the rear wheels. Rem
Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement - late 944, 968
  Discussion :   This procedure will describe the removal and subsequent installation of rear wheel bearings on a Porsche 944  with aluminum trailing arms (1985.5 & later)
PAGID race pad mounting and bedding in
Author: Pagid PAGID race pad mounting and bedding in MOUNTING NEW PADS ON USED DISCS (rotors) We do not recommend using discs, which are pre
K&N Air Filter Care K&N Air Filter Care
Author: Skip You Can Feel the Power in the Air! 1. PRE-CLEANING Tap the element to dislodge any lodge embedded dirt, then gently brush with a soft bristle brush. (Note: If
Pagid Brake Pads - FAQ
Author: Skip Brake Pad FAQ Question: What's with the different compounds? What is the application of each? PAGID RS packaging RS 7: Black (Discontiu
PBR-Brake Pads - Metal Master vs. Ultimate
Author: Skip Ultimate is a high performance brake pad and offers the highest level of braking performance in terms of reduced stopping distances, excellent pedal feel and resista
You know you're a racer when...
YOU KNOW YOU’RE A RACER WHEN: -You think the primary purpose of wings is to PREVENT flight. -You take your helmet along when you go buy new eyeglasses or check out cars (seats). -You feel