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DME Chip Installation
Last Updated: 11/15/2010
Author: Skip


  • 924S - located under the steering column - remove the four 8mm nuts holding it in.
  • 85.5-91 944, 968 - located in the passenger-side foot well, behind the carpet and kick-plate - remove the kick-plate and retaining frame, then remove the DME from the retaining frame.


  1. Remove DME from car:
  2. Use a small flat screwdriver to pry the tabs up from around the DME case:
  3. Separate circuit boards by using a small screwdriver to pry the locking posts near the ribbon cable until they release:
  4. Lift the rear of the board until you can release the front from the locking tabs.  Lat out the circuit boards so that the component surfaces are facing up:
  5. The EPROM is located as shown here:
  6. Make note of the chip orientation (locate notch).  Remove the chip by carefully prying underneath it with a small screwdriver.  Lift a little from each side until the chip is loose:
  7. Place the new chip onto the circuit card.  Press firmly and evenly until the chip is fully seated:
  8. The rest of this installation is the reverse of removal.

This article written specifically regarding an Autothority Performance Engineering DME EPROM Upgrade Chip Installation, but would apply to any DME chip installation.

***ESD Warning*** - The DME and EPROM are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge.  Handle the chip only by the body.  Do not walk across shag carpet while rubbing a balloon against your head then roll in Styrofoam peanuts before handling ;-)

Application: 924S, 85.5-91 944, 968 (or any with removable EPROM)

Tools: General tools, jeweler's screwdriver

Credits: Skip Grehan

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